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Nutrition Info

Child Care Food and Nutrition in Reno

Noah’s Ark provides lunch and a morning and afternoon snack for the children. Our food is prepared to be wholesome and attractive to young children and we try to limit the use of sugar and other sweeteners. We feel that learning to eat a variety of interesting foods is part of a child’s education.

Our menu is a two week rotating menu. It is posted in the kitchen and made available to the parents. Menu items are selected with the children in mind. If your child does not like a certain lunch, he/she may bring a sack lunch. There is no credit given to the account for the missed lunch. Please do not send food substitutes for snacks unless your child has food allergies. If a child brings their lunch, it is to be in a paper bag with their name clearly marked on the outside. The lunches are refrigerated until lunchtime.

We serve milk and water with all snacks and lunch so beverages are not necessary. Food items left over from lunch are discarded. We ask that children not bring gum, candy, soda pop, etc. We make every effort to accommodate and protect our children who have food allergies and food preferences. Notify the office, in writing, of any food allergies, restrictions or special diets. Obtain a copy of the scheduled menu for your reference at home. This menu has a snack as well as lunch items specified. Carefully determine the snack items and lunch items your child is able to eat safely.

Please do not hesitate to question us as to specific ingredients. A substitute for snacks can only be provided for children with medical allergies. Please refer to the policy statement in Food Allergies and Preferences for more information.

Notice:  We follow a “no nut policy”. This is for the safety of the many children who come into the center with mild to life threatening nut allergies. Please do not send nuts of any kind in snacks,
lunches, birthday treats, back packs, pockets etc. Even if we keep the children separate there is the danger of cross-contamination. Please check ingredients on all birthday treats before bringing them to the Ark. We will be checking foods coming into the center on a daily basis. Please help us make Noah’s Ark safe for all children by helping us with this new “no nut policy”. Thank you!

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