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Noah’s Ark Child Care Programs

Noahs Ark Child Care Programs

Noah’s Ark Child Center offers several programs for children ranging from preschool age all the way to fifth grade. Find the perfect program for your child to help educate them in a fun and exciting environment. Noah’s Ark Child Center gives your child the skills and knowledge they need while creating an interactive place to learn, play and communicate with children their own age.

Before and After School Programs

Noah’s Ark Child Center provides a Before and After School Program for children in kindergarten through 5th grade on a traditional school schedule. We service the following schools with this program….[Learn More]

Preschool Program

Noah’s Ark Child Center accepts children from 3-6 years of age in the Preschool Program. Our emphasis is on a safe environment for young children and a quality preschool….[Learn More]

Field Trips

Noah’s Ark Child Center offers fun and educational field trips for children, giving them an off-campus experience that is both safe and exciting….[Learn More]

Summer School-Age Program

To participate in the summer school age program at Noah’s Ark Child Center, the children must have completed kindergarten and be under 13 years of age. [Learn More]

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