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Noah’s Ark Enabled Alex to Have a Normal Summer

Our son Alex started going to Noah’s Ark when he was 3 and loved Noah’s Ark at every level. We loved Noah’s Ark too!

The last week of 5th grade Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and would need help counting carbs and giving himself insulin shots at every meal. He would also need someone to watch his behavior to make sure his blood sugar wasn’t too high or too low.

My husband and I worked full time and wanted to keep Alex’s normal routine, which meant Alex attending a summer program. That first summer of type1 diabetes we would only trust the staff at Noah’s Ark to take care of Alex.  Noah’s Ark agreed to have 3-4 staff trained for Type 1 diabetes. In addition, all of the staff knew Alex very well and could pick up on personality cues that would indicate he may have low blood sugar.

Noah’s Ark enabled Alex to have a normal summer and gave us piece of mind knowing they would take great care of him. They have always taken great care of him. We can not thank them enough.

Debbie J. | Reno NV