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Noahs Ark child care policies

Noah’s Ark Child Center Policies

  1. A registration fee of $100 is due when the child is initially enrolled in the center. If a child is absent from the center without vacation credit and tuition has not been paid weekly to reserve the child’s space, a re-registration fee of $100 will be charged to re-enroll the child. The registration fee is a yearly fee and will automatically be charged to your child’s account on the anniversary of your child’s start date
  2. Accounts are billed every 2 weeks. Tuition is due every two weeks in advance. All tuition is due at the end of the billing period or a $50.00 late fee will be assessed to your account. Accounts not paid within one week of the last day of the billing period will jeopardize the child’s space in Noah’s Ark.
  3. Tuition is based on a weekly charge according to the schedule contracted for the child. Full tuition is charged even if a child is absent. Days may be added to a part time schedule at an additional charge. Days may not be exchanged. The office must be notified in advance if a change of schedule is requested. Children are welcome to come for extra days.
  4. Two weeks notice is required if the child is to be withdrawn from the Center. If proper notice is not given, tuition will be charged for two weeks beyond the child’s last day of attendance. Notice of withdrawal must be signed by the parent.
  5. There is a $25.00 fee assessed on all returned checks.
  6. Extra charges are assessed for the time in addition to the child’s regular schedule. A late fee is charged after the closing time of 6:00pm. Late fees are discussed at the time of registration and are due on the day or evening they are incurred.
  7. Noah’s Ark is not responsible for lost or damaged items of clothing or toys.
  8. Overdue accounts will be sent to collection.


We welcome parent observations. Parents can gain valuable insight into the development of their child and the philosophy of the school from actual observation. Observations are not encouraged until your child feels comfortable about saying good-bye and separates successfully. Observations are arranged in advance with the office.

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