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Noah’s Ark Child Center Summer Camp Age Program


Who is Eligible?

To participate in the summer camp age program at Noah’s Ark Child Center, the children must have completed kindergarten and be under the age of 13.


Registration for the summer program begins in March prior to the start of the summer program. There is a registration fee for new and returning children. The summer program is 8 or 9 weeks long depending upon elementary school schedule. Children are welcome to attend full time or part-time and must attend a minimum of 4 weeks. Additional weeks can be selected according to the need for childcare. Payment is contracted for a minimum of 4 weeks. Payment is expected for the minimum weeks and all additional weeks contracted regardless of attendance.

The Program

Our summer program is built around a monthly activity calendar and many outings and field trips. There is a theme for each week of the summer program and daily activities and field trips are planned around this theme. The program provides all materials and craft items and all money for field trips and special events are covered by your weekly tuition. The children are asked to review the calendar daily at home so that they will be prepared for the daily activities. The group leader on a daily basis reviews the calendar with the children.

During unscheduled time the children have unlimited craft materials to work with, games to play, equipment for both indoor and outdoor play as well as books and computers for quiet time. Children in the summer program are not permitted to bring hand held electronic games but we do have an X-Box, Playstation and Wii available with PG rated games.

We discourage the children from bringing things from home, including money that may get lost or misplaced. The children are asked to bring bathing suits and towels on certain days and miscellaneous items such as tennis rackets, roller blades, bicycles, or super soakers for other scheduled events.



The summer camp age program is located in Peavine Elementary School directly across the street from Noah’s Ark Child Center. Noah’s Ark rents this facility for the summer to accommodate our older children. The children are at Peavine from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. unless they are “on the road”. All other times they can be checked in and out at Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark Child Center is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Noah's Ark School Age Summer Camp ProgramField Trips

The children are scheduled for field trips on a daily basis. Some of the outings are close by and the children will walk to the location. We have one or two scheduled “walks” each week. It’s part of our exercise program. Be sure they wear comfortable walking shoes at all times.

For other trips they will be transported in Noah’s Ark vehicles. Water bottles are required on all trips and the staff makes sure they are always full. Strict rules of behavior are required for the children’s safety when away from the program facility on foot or in the bus.


Swimming is scheduled during the week at the local pools and the Sparks Marina. Children are asked to check the calendar and be sure to bring suits and towels on scheduled water days. If children do not remember their suits they can read or play quietly at poolside.

Sunscreen is to be carried by the children in their pack on a daily basis and is applied regularly on the “buddy plan”. If your child burns easily, please provide an extra shirt for cover.

Illness and Emergencies

The staff of the school age program (to ensure direct communication at all times) uses cell phones. However, we do not give out the cell phone number. If you need to reach your child or give the teacher a message, it is necessary to call the Ark and a staff member will call and relay the message. In the event of an extreme emergency, the school age staff will call emergency directly and then call the Ark.

The staff carry a well stocked First Aid kit at all times and all pertinent emergency information on each child, including those authorized for pick up. Please provide “Eppie Pens” if your child has severe allergic reaction to elements such as bee stings. Please also provide asthma “puffers” if your child needs one on a regular basis. All medication needs to signed in with the staff. The staff will keep the medication in their First Aid packs.

School Age Supervisor

Noah’s Ark has a dedicated school age supervisor. The Supervisor is responsible for the calendar of activities and making sure everything happens as scheduled on a daily basis. The Supervisor is in charge of all communication with the parents regarding the program. The Supervisor supervises all of the outings off property and makes sure the children and staff has all that they need for a safe, fun, and successful program.

Parent Night

Parent night is scheduled for the second or third week of May. The evening is very important for all parents to attend regardless of your child’s schedule or years in the program. Because children come for varying weeks all summer, this is the only time we have to communicate all necessary information and answer important questions. Please plan on attending. Children are welcome.

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