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Child Care Safety

Child Care Safety

When taking care of children, we can recognize that boo-boos happen. While injuries and accidents are a part of growing up when you’re a kid, ideally we minimize the severity and frequency of accidents in order to keep the children happy and healthy. Our job is to prevent injuries and promote child care safety as much as possible in order to limit the occurrence of owies.

Child Care Safety in the Summer

Many day care programs may extend play hours outdoors when the weather permits. Make sure your child has proper sun protection and drinks plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

Sanitation for Child Care Safety

Since illnesses spread quickly with children, make sure your child center safety has effective practices for sanitizing. If a child is ill, make sure the child care center employees have a protocol for taking care of a sick child or sending that child home in order to prevent the illness from spreading.

One of the most important parts of sanitation is sanitizing toys. With all the little hands that touch just one toy, toys carry many germs when shared with various other children. Child care centers can use sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and other sanitation products to keep the center clean and keep the kids safe.

Supervision for Child Care Safety

child care safety

Child care safety starts with adequate supervision.

One of the most important factors in improving child care safety is an adequate amount of supervision. When you are looking at different child care centers, ask them about their child-to-adult ratio. A lower child-to-adult ratio means that are more sets of eyes per child, and many believe that a lower child-to-adult ratio has a significant correlation to lower injuries and accidents at child care centers. Noah’s Ark Child Center maintains a ratio of 1-10 with all of our groups from 3-12 years of age.

An important aspect of knowing your child is in good hands is by the training of the child care staff. The Noah’s Ark Child Center Staff has been trained with 24 in-service training classes per year, in accordance with the requirements for Washoe County Social Service licensing. The staff also trains annually so we can  keep teachers up to date on education research, teaching methods, and licensing requirements.

Noah’s Ark Child Center

our staff that makes sure your child's safety

Child care safety is important to our staff.

Noah’s Ark Child Center offers a safe, healthy, and loving environment to supplement your child’s schooling. Our faculty and staff’s dedication to your child’s safety is steadfast. Our curriculum shapes and helps children grow with creativity, self confidence and responsibility.

Noah’s Ark is a non-profit out-reach mission of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Our childcare program has been in operation since 1972. Noah’s Ark began in a small space with only 15 children and over the years has grown to encompass 115 children and an expanded faculty.

In 1987 the “educational wing” of the church was built by St. Paul’s with the Ark, to accommodate youth programs of the church and the growing child care population. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, hand in hand with Noah’s Ark Child Center, reaffirms daily their commitment to the needs of the community, childcare and childcare excellence. We welcome you to our Noah’s Ark family.