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11 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Summer school has a number of benefits for children. It also helps in taking the load off of parents, guardians, and family members that babysit. Reno is a busy town, with many parents working full time to offset the high cost of living. While some summer enrichment programs come with a cost to parents and guardians. Some programs, however, are free, funded by schools, donors, and government agencies.

You should always, look into the validity, reputation, and value of preschool programs you are interested in. Sending your children to programs meant to generate money or employ felons is often worse than keeping them at home. However, not many preschool programs fit this bill, although the possibility is very real. Here are a few ways that a trustworthy preschool in Reno may help your child get ready for kindergarten.

Calms children down

Children are notorious for being loud, rambunctious, and talkative. Placing your young children in Kindergarten prep can make them tired and less likely to be boisterous at home.

Can reduce anxiety associated with the first day of school

preparing your child for Kindergarten | Noah's Ark in Reno

Summer school can reduce separation anxiety

Everyone has experienced being nervous, butterflies, and straight-up anxiety before new, important events. School is often the first place kids feel anxiety in life. They worry about how they will make friends, meet the demands of classwork, and be comfortable away from home. Summer school will help your children stave off anxiety in the upcoming kindergarten school year.

Gives them a sense of purpose

Humans should have purposes in life… working and learning for parents, spouses, communities, and children. If you don’t do something meaningful, you’re less likely to lead a fulfilling, rewarding life. Sending your kids to summer Kindergarten preparatory programs is certain to drive a sense of purpose within them.

It’s great at developing social skills

Being around others is the only way to develop social skills. Without interacting with others in social situations, there’s no place for community strengths to grow.

Familiarizes kids with the learning process

Many parents often think, contemplate, and worry about what children need to know for kindergarten. Getting them familiar with formal learning processes will get them one step ahead of other students.

Helps them become better people

Schooling is not only meant for learning more about math, reading and science. A large part of formal education is growing character, poise, and morals. Great teachers in summer preschool programs can help your kids become better people.

May reduce the likelihood of obesity

Smartphones, tablets, and computers have given rise to more kids leading sedentary lifestyles. Students of summer programs may use these devices a bit less, resulting in more time spent being active. In summer programs, they usually spend most of their days playing, talking, and doing social activities. This helps lower the risk of obesity, increasing the healthiness of your children.

Emotions are better regulated around others

Life itself is often thought of as your best teacher, providing many lessons. Unfortunately, you often fail tests of life before being given “study guides” to live by. How you and your kids act around others is most effectively taught through trial and error. Sending your children to summer programs is a great way to help them understand and regulate their emotions.

Learning early may encourage kids to enjoy learning

Kindergarten prep | Noah's Ark in Reno

Summer school helps kids socialize

The earlier kids are encouraged to do something, the sooner they enjoy it. This sentiment is true with learning, as well. The earlier you get your kids in school, the more likely it is they enjoy learning throughout their lives.

Grows self-confidence around others and in school

People often lack confidence in activities, behaviors, and situations when they haven’t done them before. When children are educated in formal summer prep programs, they grow confident of being in school.

Preparing your child for kindergarten is difficult to take on by yourself. Enrolling them in a reputable kindergarten prep program held in the summer will help them prepare for school. Seek out a quality, trustworthy preschool in Reno to help your child grow.