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Celebrating National Book Month: Help Your Child Develop a Love for Learning through Reading

It’s National Book Month, which means there is no better time to help your child develop a love for learning through reading. Children who read are more likely to perform better in all school subjects. They have larger vocabularies and are more confident in their academic career. Reading is fundamental for children of all ages. […]

Closing the Preschool Gap: Help Your Child Reap the Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The preschool vs. no preschool statistics in Nevada are troubling. Last year, 1,272 four-year-old children in Nevada attended preschool. It is up to parents to start to close the preschool gap and send their children to school before kindergarten. There are plenty of benefits of early childhood education. Preschool will help your child during their first […]

How You Can Teach Your Child Courtesy During National Courtesy Month

Our ultimate goal as parents is to prepare our children to face the world and hope that they help to make it a better place. September is National Courtesy Month. The American culture is so fast and impersonal these days that it is easy to forget the rules of politeness that once governed our society. […]

Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

It’s normal for children and parents to be anxious about the countdown to the school year! Even if your child has attended preschool before, they will rely on your support to settle in. Here are 5 back-to-school tips for preschool parents to help make this a positive transition for your family. Get to Know the […]

11 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Summer school has a number of benefits for children. It also helps in taking the load off of parents, guardians, and family members that babysit. Reno is a busy town, with many parents working full time to offset the high cost of living. While some summer enrichment programs come with a cost to parents and […]

13 Summer Reading Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain with your Preschooler

Is your preschooler a big reader, but you’re worried that summer brain drain might throw them off before school starts? Then consider these wonderful summer reading tips for your child. These summer enrichment ideas are easy to do and should be easy enough for parents to put in place. Read to Them Every Day Most […]

5 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler in Reno

Summer Enrichment is the number one idea held by parents of preschoolers. Summer camp, swimming lessons, or any other activity that contributes to preschool enrichment, can make the summer a more enjoyable experience for both the parents and the child. For the residents and visitors of Nevada, there are tons of opportunities to provide enrichment […]

The One Skill that Will Teach Your Child How to Think

The skills a child gains in early childhood set the foundation for learning for the rest of that child’s life. Many parents and schools focus on certain life skills or academic knowledge. These subjects are important, but young children can benefit even more from developing the ability to think, reason and solve problems creatively. When […]

Everything You Need to Know About Developing Your Child’s Creativity

Could developing your child’s creativity be a possibility? Many of us have often wished we were more creative. We may even be envious of those who display a lot of creativity. What if creativity could be fostered and nurtured? As it turns out, you are not born with a certain allotment of creativity with no […]

Before School Programs: The Ultimate Start to Any Child’s Bright Day

Before School Programs: The Ultimate Start to Any Child’s Bright Day A quality before school program managed by competent education professionals has the potential to affect how your child responds to formal education, including the social, cognitive, and psychological development. The early years of a child’s life are critical in many ways. A young child […]