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Before School Programs: The Ultimate Start to Any Child’s Bright Day

Before School Programs: The Ultimate Start to Any Child’s Bright Day

before school program activities Noah's Ark RenoA quality before school program managed by competent education professionals has the potential to affect how your child responds to formal education, including the social, cognitive, and psychological development. The early years of a child’s life are critical in many ways. A young child is like a sponge that absorbs information rapidly. The preschool years aim to prepare him or her for starting school. There is no doubt that preschool offers a number of benefits, including:

  • social and emotional skills development
  • cognitive development
  • psychological well-being
  • self-discovery

Early Childhood Education: Is Preschool Really Necessary?

Reno child care offers children opportunities that they might not find at home. The presence of other children in the class and the center allows them to gain social skills and greater language opportunities. In preschool, there is an emphasis on using language to express emotion. Educators bring awareness to the idea of consequences and rewards for social behavior. Your child will start getting used to having to wake up early, dress appropriately, and spend time in an educational setting. The classroom environment tries to educate the child as a whole human being.   They are laying the social-emotional, cognitive, and psychological foundation that will remain with the child for life.
You can read more about the importance of early education in the first five years of a child’s life on Facts for Life

Why Enroll Your Preschooler in a Before Schedule Program

Preschoolers aged 3 to 5, should reach certain developmental milestones naturally. Parents should have an idea of what their children should be able to do. This improves communication with teachers and enables parents to be more involved in their children’s education. Of course, each child is an individual and may reach certain milestones at different times depending on genetics and environmental cues.  Professionals at Noah’s Ark Reno child care centers understand this and will help your child reach greater physical and cognitive milestones through targeted activities and self-esteem building.

What a Great Morning Program Looks Like

Before school care schedules should be aimed at working with children’s natural interests like art and imaginary play.  These activities teach them new skills. In a typical day children come in to the classroom and hang up their coats and bags in a designated area. Each child should have their space whether it is a cubbie labeled with his or her name or a hanger.  Then they would wash their hands after some free play to have some breakfast.  When they are done eating, they would throw away trash, stack trays, and sit in a circle to do morning activities.  All to kick-start their day of preschool activities.

Ideal Before School Program Activities

Reno child care Noah's Ark Reno before school programA before school program that has a lot of down time invites behavioral problems. Children should always have something to do. One of the most widely adopted theories of learning is Vygotsky’s theory of the Zone of Proximal development. This means that a competent early childhood educator will give each child opportunities to use current skills and abilities while expanding those skills.  For example, a 3-year old, who is able to say complete sentences but has trouble describing objects, should be answered with sentences containing words that describe the objects they are referring to.

Morning programs help your preschooler get off to a great start. Look for a before school program that offers:

  • Nutritious morning meals
  • A variety of before school program activities
  • Teachers and staff that keep you up-to-date about your child’s progress
  • Supportive systems to make sure that your child has all the help he or he needs
  • Low teacher to child ratio
  • Child-sized furniture
  • A safe environment (all cleaning supplies should be locked away and cooking preparation areas should be separate from play and learning areas)

Rules and Expectations of a Competent Before School Program

Children should always have something to do and be expected to follow a certain routine. Before schedule activities should be structured and children should be aware that they need to follow the rules. In other words, even though the morning schedule is somewhat more relaxed, all children are expected to practice good social skills, like keeping their hands to themselves and expressing feelings with words.

Noah’s Ark Reno’s day care facility knows how to support your child’s overall well-being. Early education professionals know how important your role as the parent is in your child’s life and education.  They will ensure that you are kept up-to-date and have any concerns addressed in a timely fashion.