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13 Summer Reading Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain with your Preschooler

Is your preschooler a big reader, but you’re worried that summer brain drain might throw them off before school starts? Then consider these wonderful summer reading tips for your child. These summer enrichment ideas are easy to do and should be easy enough for parents to put in place.

  1. Read to Them Every Day

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Read to your children constantly

Most children love it when their parents read to them. This enjoyment is particularly the case for a preschool student. Find some of their favorite preschool reading books and read to them every day. This activity engages their imagination and helps bring them closer to you.

  1. Encourage Them to Read

Give your preschool student some preschool reading books to practice their skills every day. This way, they can stay on top of their reading demands. Reward them if they read a certain number of books by taking them out to their favorite restaurant or buying a toy.

  1. Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a fun preschool enrichment activity that encourages reading skills, physical movements, and reasoning in a constructive and fun way. Focus on activities that you’ve done together as a family to engage them in the process.

  1. Storytelling Time

Your preschooler probably has an awesome and vivid imagination. This enrichment activity requires getting them to tell you fun stories in a way that keeps them thinking about reading. It also helps them better understand ideas like sentence construction.

  1. Play Reading Games

This summer enrichment activity is perfect for a preschooler who loves to go with you everywhere. Play fun reading games when you’re out visiting the town, such as reading words they understand on grocery items or other products you are buying at a store.

  1. Visit the Library

Visiting a library once or twice a week is a great preschool enrichment activity. Children will experience many fun activities and even get reading tips from skilled childcare workers at the library.

  1. STEAM Activities

STEAM activities are designed to challenge your child in a variety of different ways. While they aren’t always heavy on reading, they keep your child’s mind active and force them to think of interesting solutions to difficult problems.

  1. Perform Small Plays

Build or buy puppets and hold a fun play with your preschooler. Have them come up with a story idea, write down the script, and ask them to read it back to you. This way, you can creatively challenge their reading skills.

  1. Cook Together

Cooking with your child at a young age has many benefits. First, it introduces them to basic cooking skills as soon as possible. Even better, getting them to read the recipe to you helps keep their reading skills at a high level.

  1. Watch a Foreign Movie

Watching a foreign movie with subtitles will give your child a chance to try out their reading skills in a more fast-paced environment. Pick a fun cartoon movie that they will enjoy. While the film is running, read the subtitles out loud with them to increase their comprehension.

  1. Practice Letters

Children love the early stages of learning their alphabet because it teaches them stronger communication skills. Boost their abilities by having them write one letter multiple times a day and then brainstorming words that use that letter.

  1. Go to a Reading Camp

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Make reading a habit

Many different reading summer activities can profoundly benefit your child. For example, reading camps will challenge their abilities and encourage them to learn more about reading. They’ll also get the chance to meet new children and have a fun time.

  1. Enroll in a High-Quality School

There are many summer schools that your child can join as a way of improving their reading skills. These schools focus on boosting a child’s reading skills by providing them with early education lessons that are informative and challenging. You can find a reputable preschool in Reno to enrol your child.