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Everything You Need to Know About Developing Your Child’s Creativity

Could developing your child’s creativity be a possibility? Many of us have often wished we were more creative. We may even be envious of those who display a lot of creativity. What if creativity could be fostered and nurtured? As it turns out, you are not born with a certain allotment of creativity with no ability to increase it. Creativity is a skill that can be developed. If you are interested in developing your child’s creativity, here are some strategies to keep in mind.

What is creativity? Why is developing your child’s creativity important?

Before we discuss how to create creativity in your child, we need to know what it is and why it is important. Aren’t some of the most respectable fields such as science and math devoid of creativity? No, not at all. Creativity is not limited to the arts. Caroline Sharp of the National Foundation for Educational Research explains that creativity is comprised of several components such as imagination, originality, productivity, problem-solving and the ability to produce something of worth. These are qualities that scientists, engineers and mathematicians would find valuable. Creativity can lead to great success. With that in mind, what are some ways to strengthen your child’s creativity?

Make your home a creative environment

activities that promote creativity | Noah's Ark in RenoThe possibilities here are truly endless. Parents are always looking for activities that promote creativity. Developing your child’s creativity starts by simply giving them a chance to express themselves. Sociologist Christine Carter suggests creating a space in the house where your kids can be messy and engage in unstructured play. Where are you going to allow them to paint? Where can they play dress up? Where are you going to keep the Legos? (After all, no one wants to step on those!) Creativity can be a little messy, but the benefits of creativity will be worth the mess.

How to create creativity in your child through unstructured play

What kind of resources will you need for unstructured play? Art supplies and building materials are always a good place to start, but don’t overlook some of the materials you already have at home. What can be built from rubber bands or printer paper? Do you have old clothes that could be used for a game of dress up? If your children are old enough, can you encourage them to substitute ingredients in recipes as you cook together to see what will happen? Developing your child’s creativity does not have to cost a fortune.

Unstructured play is important, but too much of it without your intervention can become routine. If you are looking for activities that promote creativity, consider creating problems for your children to solve as they play. Can they upgrade the house they built out of Legos? Can they make their rubber band ball bounce higher by changing the way they made it? Can they create music using only household objects? Creating challenges will help your child think outside the box and increase her problem-solving skills.

Teach your children that failure is natural

Little eight-year-old Megan is a bright young girl who doesn’t always reach her creative potential. Why is her creativity stifled? It is stifled because she doesn’t try new things. Why doesn’t she try new things? She is so afraid she will fail. With Megan, everything has to be perfect, or it is not worth doing. Maybe your child is a lot like Megan. Maybe you are a lot like Megan. Unfortunately, a fear of failure can inhibit creativity. Jim Taylor explains what happens when children fear failure in a blog post on Psychology Today. Children will try to avoid failure by not taking part in an activity in which they may fail or by not putting forth their best effort. However, Taylor explains that failure is valuable because it teaches problem-solving skills, determination and patience. Creativity requires risks to make something new. Remind your child that some of the greatest creative successes have come after some of the greatest failures. They might be encouraged to know that when Walt  Disney was 22 years old, he was fired from a newspaper company for “not being creative enough.” Developing your child’s creativity depends upon a healthy view of failure.

ways to strengthen your child's creativity | Noah's Ark Reno

Another step you can take towards nurturing a child’s creativity

Working towards developing your child’s creativity at home is critical. You are the one who spends the most time with them every day. One of the ways to strengthen your child’s creativity is to find a school where your efforts are supplemented by staff when you are away from your child. This Reno preschool will come alongside you in this effort by offering appropriate activities that promote creativity. These activities are structured to maximize creative potential. Instead of emphasizing the product of a creative endeavor, children are taught to enjoy the process. If finding a preschool that works on developing your child’s creativity is essential to you, consider contacting Noah’s Ark Child Care Center today.