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4 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Summer Program

Is it really worth it to enroll your child in a summer program? Yes! Learn about the benefits of a summer program for your child and the importance of a summer program for academic success.

1: Avoid Summer Learning Loss with a Summer Program

Summer program statistics | Noah's Ark Child Center in Reno

Kids in summer programs perform better

So much progress that occurs during the school year can be lost without practice in the summer months. Studies have shown that on average children end up a month behind their academics by the end of the summer. Once students return in the fall of a new school year, they have to spend time catching up.

Some students can fall further behind over each summer, and these loses each summer add up. Summer program statistics show that by the time a student reaches fifth grade, the student could be two to three years behind his or her peers due to summer learning loss. That cumulative loss can negatively affect a child’s academic future, including college options. It turns out that summer learning loss is one of the largest factors of the achievement gap between low-income and middle-income families.

2: Foster Academic Success with Summer Programs

Summer program statistics have proven that students who attend summer programs have fared better than their peers who did not attend summer programs. Children enrolled in summer programs get new opportunities to learn new things every day and put them into practice with fun experiments or projects!

Summer programs can encourage your child’s love of learning, which sets your child up for future success. In a study featuring summer learning programs in California, the findings were amazing! A majority of parents of children in these programs noticed an improvement in their child’s reading ability and their child’s attitude towards reading.

If your child struggles in school, the summer months provide a chance for him or her to catch up and improve in scarier subjects. A summer program at a child care center can provide a low-pressure environment for your child to learn, which is helpful to children who lack confidence in school.

3: Build Social Skills

Summers provide children with the opportunity to make new friends and improve their social skills! Summer programs focus on nurturing both academic and social skills to provide a well-rounded education. Kids can become more comfortable in new social environments and try new things. Summer programs can boost your child’s confidence and help your child learn about communication and cooperation in group settings.

4: Keep Your Child Physically Active

Benefits of a summer program | Noah's Ark Child Center in Reno

Keep kids physically active in summer

Physical activity is important for all of us, but it is especially important for children. Summer programs at child care centers provide plenty of outlets for exercise so your child stays physically active and healthy. Physical activity also keeps your child from getting bored during the summer and developing behavioral problems. You don’t have to send your child to a sports camp to make sure he or she stays active. As you choose a summer program for your child, look for one that includes physical activities!

Benefits of a Summer Program for Preschoolers

There are clear benefits of summer programs for children in elementary school. Are there benefits of a summer program for preschoolers? You bet! Summer programs at preschools or child care centers help your preschooler learn independence away from mom and dad. At Noah’s Ark Child Center, our preschool program for children ages 3-6 offers a safe and nurturing environment that fosters creativity, confidence, and curiosity.

Summer preschool programs also help your child get used to the structure of learning away from home. Your preschooler develops social skills around the other children and can make some new friends! A summer program can be a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten!

Summer Programs at Noah’s Ark Child Center

At Noah’s Ark Child Center, we offer school age summer programs as well as a Reno preschool summer program. In our school-age summer program, each week has its own theme! We keep kids excited about learning through fun activities and projects. We even provide healthy food to keep your child nourished and focused. Our summer program includes field trips and weekly swimming outings.

The school age summer program at Noah’s Ark Child Center runs for 9 weeks, and you can enroll your child for part-time or full-time options. The school age summer program is open to children who have completed first grade and are under the age of 13. Registration has opened for our summer programs, so don’t wait to take advantage of these enriching opportunities for your child!

Contact us to enroll your child in a summer program at Noah’s Ark Child Center today!