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4 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Summer Program

Is it really worth it to enroll your child in a summer program? Yes! Learn about the benefits of a summer program for your child and the importance of a summer program for academic success. 1: Avoid Summer Learning Loss with a Summer Program So much progress that occurs during the school year can be […]

Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten There are a lot of conflicting opinions among parents. From what the best diapers are to whether or not you should get your kids into school early on, the views and arguments are nearly endless. It helps to have fellow moms and dads share their views with you, but you should also […]

Educational Child Care Programs

One of the biggest misconceptions about child care is that it is just a form of child supervision, like babysitting. And in some cases, that may actually be true. Not all child care centers are created equal. And not all child care centers hold themselves up to the current standards of quality child care practices. […]

The Benefits of Learning Games for Kids

 The Benefits of Learning Games for Kids Long before the advent of brick and motor schools, curriculum and even writing, children learned about their world through games, play and sport. And while not every academic subject can be learned through play and games, many of them can. Even math, a subject that most consider a […]

Summer 2016

Summer will be here before you know it. Make sure your children are taken care of. Noah’s Ark has a great summer program that your child will love!  

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Summer is fast approaching. Soon, your child or children will be out of school and amped up to enjoy the warm summer weather and all the fun activities it can bring. However, from experience you may know that after a few weeks of summer fun the “I am bored” declarations start. On top […]

School Age Childcare

School Age Childcare School age childcare programs are fun programs and engaging programs that kindergarten children and older can attend before school, after school, and during the summer and holiday breaks. Often, parents who have work schedules or family situations that make it difficult for an adult or guardian to supervise their child after the […]

Preschool Math

Preschool Math When a child starts preschool, they are invited into a whole new world of learning and exploration. The preschool environment is a place where they begin to learn the basics of what they will later learn in grade school. The preschool curriculum includes learning the alphabet and simple reading, learning to play and […]

Early Childhood Education Programs

Early Childhood Education Programs As you watch your children grow, take those first steps, learn and play, your greatest hope is that they will carry that joy, curiosity and love of learning that you see now into their future lives. Naturally, you want to do everything that you can to help them achieve success and a […]

School Age Program Activities for Kids

School Age Program Activities for Kids The time has come for your child to go to school! You have been preparing for this day, and there may be a question lingering as a parent or caretaker: “what next?” There are many school age programs and activities that can supplement your child’s education in the classroom. […]