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Preschool Math

Preschool Math

When a child starts preschool, they are invited into a whole new world of learning and exploration. The preschool environment is a place where they begin to learn the basics of what they will later learn in grade school. The preschool curriculum includes learning the alphabet and simple reading, learning to play and interact in groups, and exercising creativity in arts and crafts. In addition to crafts and the learning that goes on in socialization, preschool children are introduced to math and number. Preschool math is designed to introduce the children to the concept of number, comparisons and the many ways that number is used in daily life.

The Importance of Preschool Math

As education becomes more focused on math, science and technology, it is important that children are introduced to numbers and become comfortable with

preschool math

Preschool math is an essential part of early childhood education.

using them. While preschool math curriculum doesn’t guarantee that your child will be a math wiz, they will enter kindergarten and grade school with a solid foundation in math and the various ways it is used.

Preschool math is a transitional curriculum based on the assumption that the child knows very little to nothing about math and is designed to be the bridge to kindergarten learning.

How is Math Taught in Preschool?

Like many preschool subjects, preschool math is taught primarily by play, games and song. Preschool math curriculum is designed to introduce the child to number and many of the everyday uses of number. As adults, we forget how thoroughly numbers are a part of our lives. From the date to the time, numbers are everywhere. The purpose of preschool math is to expose children to the concept of number and engage some of the ways we use it in everyday life.

What are Children Taught in Preschool Math?

The beginning of preschool math education is the introduction to numbers, counting and number recognition. Games are used to help the preschooler recognize the numbers, learn to count and match numbers to their names. Children will learn to count the days of the school year, will be put into numbered groups and will begin to learn the concept of time and date.

Some of these mathematical concepts, however, are too hard for young learners to fully grasp. At this age, there is not too much to worry about if your child is struggling with numbers and their associated concepts. Telling time on a clock, for example, because it uses two sets of 12 distinguished by a.m and p.m. to account for a 24 hour day, introduces a second layer of possible confusion for a first time learner. Preschool math will give your child the building blocks of to learn further in kindergarten and grade school.

Preschool Math at Noah’s Ark Reno

Noah’s Ark Child Center is dedicated to providing excellent quality preschool education to the families of Reno, Nevada. In pursuit of this goal, the Preschool program at Noah’s Ark encourages children to discover number and learn how it is used in their daily lives. Children learn to recognize number, count and are introduced to the days of the week and the calendar. Come check out our programs and contact us today to get your child started on the path to future academic success! We look forward to hearing from you!