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2016 Christmas Sing-A-Long!

Join all the smiling faces and happy voices at our 2016 Christmas Sing-A-Long, happening Tuesday, December 13th!!! See you there!

5 Common Day Care Activities

5 Common Day Care Activities Are you interested in enrolling your child in day care? If so, it will help you to find out some of the most common activities kids do during their stay in the facility. Here are five of the most common day care activities: 1. Sensory Table The goal of this […]

Before and After School Child Care

Before and After School Child Care While most child care centers operate during traditional working hours, a lot of childcare needs arise in the evening and after hours too. For many of us, life doesn’t run on a 9 to 5 schedule anymore. Our increasingly 24 hours a day economy requires workers to put in […]

The Benefits of Learning Games for Kids

 The Benefits of Learning Games for Kids Long before the advent of brick and motor schools, curriculum and even writing, children learned about their world through games, play and sport. And while not every academic subject can be learned through play and games, many of them can. Even math, a subject that most consider a […]

Tips to Calm Nerves Before Starting Preschool

Tips to Calm Nerves Before Starting Preschool For both parents and their children, starting preschool is an exciting milestone that brings great joy and pride. But, for both parents and children, the first day can also arrive with some anxieties. The start of preschool is likely the first time parent and child have been separated […]

Parental Involvement in Education

Parental Involvement in Education Probably one of the most widely studied aspects of education practice is the positive effect that parental involvement in education has on a child’s overall academic and socialization success.  The positive link between parental involvement in education and the child’s academic success has been demonstrated in study after study for a […]

Fostering a Child’s Creativity

Fostering a Child’s Creativity When we talk about children and creativity, some minds go straight to artistic creativity and the age-old finger painting fun. Creativity has a larger impact on a child’s development than finger painting alone. Creativity also refers to imagination and original ideas, which are the tenets of innovation and problem solving. Why […]

Playing Games with Kids

Playing Games with Kids On a hot summer day or when it is pouring cats and dogs outside, children can end up stuck inside with no structured activities planned. Few things can ruin a day faster than a bored child. Combat boredom with fun games for the kids and creating free play time! Games Help […]

Outdoor Play at Noah’s Ark

Having Fun With Outdoor Play Sunshine, green grass and fresh air is an important part in the day of a child at Noah’s Ark Child Center. The children love their outdoor play time. Little bikers follow the figure 8 track as they master coordination and pedaling.  Climbers tackle the rock wall and the challenge of the “zipper” on the […]

Summer Fun at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Fun Summer Events It’s summer and at Noah’s Ark we want the children to know it is summer and the word for each day is FUN! Everyday we have a different theme that our kids take part in. We have fancy hair day, sidewalk chalk day, LEGO day, pirate day,  dinosaur day, treasure hunt day and […]