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Tips to Calm Nerves Before Starting Preschool

Tips to Calm Nerves Before Starting Preschool

Starting Preschool

Starting Preschool is an exciting yet intimidating time.

For both parents and their children, starting preschool is an exciting milestone that brings great joy and pride. But, for both parents and children, the first day can also arrive with some anxieties. The start of preschool is likely the first time parent and child have been separated for any real length of time. Naturally, there are some worries, doubts and concerns that come along with this.

If you are a parent of a child who is starting preschool, you may be just as nervous as your little one about the big day. You may be even more nervous than your child, especially if this is your first time sending a child to preschool. You may be worrying about whether your child will make friends and behave, how they will do academically and whether they are prepared for all the new things they are about to experience.

To help you and your little one navigate the butterflies of starting preschool, here are some tips that you can use to help make sure the first day of preschool is a positive and happy experience.

For a Nervous Child Starting Preschool

At first, a child starting preschool may not show very much anxiety about the first day. Children usually don’t become nervous until the realization sets in that they are going to be separated from you for a good portion of the day. This anxiety is very common and sometimes it causes parents a great deal of anxiety as well.

To help keep you both calm, here are some tips to make the transition easier.

Talk to you child before the big day

Before starting preschool, talk to your little scholar about your experiences in preschool. Tell them about what to expect and how much fun it was for you, about all the neat things you learned and all the friends you made. Letting them know that you have been there too is a great way to relieve some of the anxiety your child may experience. Having this conversation with your child while allowing them to pick out a new backpack ad get other supplies reinforces the positive message.

Give them something of yours to hold onto

If your child is expressing worry about you leaving, give them something of

yours that they can hold onto for the day. It can be anything you like. To them that you are giving to them for safe keeping until you get back. This gives them something to focus on assures them that you will come back to get it.

Arrange play dates with the children in your child’s class

Preschoolers at Noah's Ark Child Care Center

Arrange a play date with your child’s classmates!

If your child already knows someone in the class before starting preschool, the transition from home to preschool will be much smoother. Before preschool begins, get in touch with some of the other parents who have children in your class. Arrange a few play dates and foster a new friendship before preschool even starts.

Remember, even after doing some of these tips, your child may still be anxious and unsure about starting preschool. This is normal. The separation experience is a process that may take your child – and you too – some time to feel comfortable with.

For the Nervous Parent Starting Preschool

The process of starting preschool can be just as nerve racking for parents as it is for children. As the parent, you may also experience some of the same separation anxiety as your child. After being with your little one for so long and tending to their every need all the time, it can be emotional difficult to let go.

On top of that, you may feel hesitant to leave your child under the supervision of someone you may not know that well.

Here some tips to help you cope with the process of starting preschool.

Talk to The preschool Teacher and Director.

These anxieties are all very normal and preschool teachers are experienced and trained to address your concerns.

Before your child starts preschool, get to know the teachers and preschool directors. Ask them about their experiences and training. Try to get to know them on a personal level, too. Preschool teachers are naturally very friendly and gentle and will happily share who they are with you. Talking to the people who are going to be supervising your child on this level will turn them from strangers to trusted friends.

Take some time for yourself

While your child is at preschool, take some time for yourself that you would otherwise not have. Do something for yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, lunch with friends or start reading that book you have been trying to get to for the last couple of months.

Develop new friendships

Talking with and getting to know the parents of other children in the class is a great way to relieve the anxiety of starting preschool. They may be sharing some of your same feelings. Having someone to talk to who is experiencing the same thing can really help the both of you. You never know; a shared concern may become a great life-long friendship.

Starting preschool can be hard for both you and your child, and while these tips are not exhaustive, they are a good start to ensuring that starting preschool is an exciting, positive and formative milestone for you and your future scholar. At Noah’s Ark Childcare Center we strive to make sure that preschool is an inviting, warm, fun and creative space for your little one to develop their potential. We can’t wait to share the first day of preschool with you!