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Parental Involvement in Education

Parental Involvement in Education

Probably one of the most widely studied aspects of education practice is the positive effect that parental involvement in education has on a child’s overall academic and socialization success.  The positive link between parental involvement in education and the child’s academic success has been demonstrated in study after study for a number of years. Additionally, parental involvement in education is considered by many in the education professionals to be one of the most important factors to a child’s success.


According to a 2003 survey conducted by Public Agenda, two-thirds of public school teachers said that an increase in parental involvement in education would help the children perform better, and 72% said that children with uninvolved parents are more likely to fall behind.

What do Studies Say about Parental Involvement in Education

A comprehensive study by SEDL, which combined the results of 51 studies on the effect of parental involvement in education, concluded that parental involvement in education is key to a number of academic success factors.

Parental Involvement in Education

Parental involvement in education is important to learning success!

Children whose parents are involved in their education earn higher grades and are more likely to enroll in higher level classes and honors programs. They are also more likely to pass their classes, earn credits and attend school more regularly than children of uninvolved parents. The study also reports that children with involved parents have better social skills, improved classroom behavior and higher self-esteem.

What does this mean for parents of early education and pre-school kids?

While most of the studies of parent involvement in education focus on k-12, parental involvement with their child’s pre-K education is just as important. Research into the involvement of parents in their pre-school kid’s education hasParental Involvement in Education also shown a positive effect on academic outcomes when they reach kindergarten and elementary school, and kids who enjoy a high level of parental involvement make the transition into kindergarten and elementary more smoothly.

Perhaps the most important finding, however, is the fact that parents who actively participate in the education of their pre-school kids develop habits and attitudes to their child’s education that are beneficial to the child and are more likely to support their children through further education. Just like the kids, parents benefit from educational engagement with their child.

Some ways you can become more involved with your child’s pre-K education

After reading all the benefits of being in involved in your child’s education, you may be wondering how you, as a parent, can get involved in your child’s learning. As you have learned, parental involvement in education is a critical factor to ensuring their success. There are a number of fun and exciting way that you can get involved in your child’s learning.

Volunteer in the Classroom

Volunteering in your child’s classroom is a great way to learn about the world that your little one is learning in, and being there tells your child that school is a safe and inviting place where they can thrive. In an age when parents often only show up to school only when their child is in trouble, it is important to signal to you child at an early age that school is a positive and fun place to be.

Learn at home

While it is important to be involved in your child’s classroom, parental involvement education does not stop at the classroom door. Just as important is making your home an extension of the classroom by creating a fun and engaging learning environment.

games with kids

Games are a great way to learn at home!

As mentioned in a previous post, there are hundreds of education oriented games that you can play with your child. Games make education fun. You can also read to your child or share one of your talents or skills with them. Teach them age appropriate things, of course. If you play an instrument or like art, you can introduce your child to the world of music, song and art when they aren’t learning in the classroom.

Talk to your Child’s Teacher

Talk to your child’s teacher about how they are doing, how they are behaving in class and if any problems arise. It is important to keep an open line of communication between you and their teacher. This way, both of you can coordinate and have an established relationship if any problems arise in your child’s progress.

These are just some of the ways that you can get involved in your child’s education. The National Education Association has a fantastic resource page for parents who want to get more involved with their child’s education. Use these resources and the tips above to help your child succeed and get the best out of their education.

At Noah’s Ark Childcare Center in Reno our dedicated and experienced childcare team is will help you get involved in your child’s education in a safe and inviting environment. At Noah’s Ark Childcare Center in Reno, you and your will learn together, grow together and thrive together.