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Playing Games with Kids

Playing Games with Kids

On a hot summer day or when it is pouring cats and dogs outside, children can end up stuck inside with no structured activities planned. Few things can ruin a day faster than a bored child. Combat boredom with fun games for the kids and creating free play time!

Games Help A Child’s Development

games with kids

Playing games with your children can not only bring your family closer together, but a “family game night” could set a child up for a more successful future. Recent studies reveal that a child’s executive function may have more to do with successful learning than a high IQ or sheer talent.

Unlike structured activities like team sports, free play and board games have a strong influence on improving a child’s executive function to make a child more self-sufficient in the future. Playing board games or card games with school age children can help foster their attention, concentration, visual-spatial processing, impulse control, and problem solving skills.

What better way to work on a terrifying muscle like impulse control than while playing a fun game? Even in the high stakes of a game, there may be less tears and fighting than if a caretaker were to teach impulse control in other scenarios.

Building Connections

games with kids

Games offer kids a great environment for children to learn the fundamentals of teamwork, which is extremely important as they grow up. If children can learn how to work together at an early age, that skill will propel them to fostering meaningful relationships and a great work environment as adults.

Playing games as a family can bring your family closer together. If you have children that are a few years apart, a common entertaining activity like your family’s favorite game can keep siblings connected. Having a game night or board game time also allows you as a parent quality time with your children to learn about what is going on in their lives. In the demanding landscape of lessons, sports, and extracurricular activities, creating that time as a family can become very precious.

Outdoor Play

When the weather permits, outdoor games can help children’s cardiovascular health and teamwork skills. Outdoor games are especially helpful for children to improve coordination and get outside with nature!

Outdoor games with kids can sometimes lead to more ouchies than indoor games, so make sure your child center or caretaker is equipped to prevent and treat any child’s injuries.

Noah’s Ark Child Center

At Noah’s Ark Child Center in Reno, we offer preschool programs as well as before and after school programs to take care of your children. The child care programs at Noah’s Ark Child Center help children develop learning skills and socialization in order to expand a child’s education beyond time in the classroom.

Activities are diverse within our child care programs. Crafts, computers, games, stories, science, cooking, visitors and outdoor activities are included in the children’s time, so there are great learning opportunities across the board.

Visit us today to enter your child into a child care program in Reno at Noah’s Ark Child Center!