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Outdoor Play at Noah’s Ark

Having Fun With Outdoor Play

Sunshine, green grass and fresh air is an important part in the day of a child at Noah’s Ark Child Center. The children love their outdoor play time. Little bikers follow the figure 8 track as they master coordination and pedaling.  Climbers tackle the rock wall and the challenge of the “zipper” on the Big Toy.   If sliding is their joy they have the pick of three slides .  Diggers fill their buckets for sand castles, mud pies or dirt car tracks.  The green grass invites the children to enjoy a story on the hill, a sniff of the flowers or just a frolic in the leaves and blades of green.  In the winter the hill is covered with snow and a perfect place for a winter saucer spin.  Painting with water or paints on the sidewalk allows the children to mark their artistry on a cement canvas. There is never enough time in the  day for fun but there is always time for outdoor play.


Outdoor Play at Noah's Ark
Outdoor Play at Noah's Ark Playground