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Preparing for School

Preparing for School Tips

Your child is reaching school age, and it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your child to start school. At Noah’s Ark Child Center, we have some tips and tricks for preparing your child for school.

Preparing for School Essentials

Teach your child to wash his hands frequently, most importantly after using the potty. The more confident your child is using the toilet and washing his hands on his own, the easier the transition to school will be.

Help your child prepare for the first day of school by helping your child dress himself. Choose clothes for school that are easy for your child to put on himself. Developing your child’s sense of independence will make the transition to school much easier.

Preparing for School Academically

Before taking your child to his first day of kindergarten, read to him frequently. Reading to children will help them once they are in the classroom.

Another helpful tip in preparing your child for school is to work on learning the alphabet and the different sounds of each letter. You can teach your child letter sounds with songs and different phonics games, and it will help your child be prepared for entering kindergarten.

Preparing for School Socially

preparing for school

Preparing your child for school also involves getting him ready for the social atmosphere.

Teach your child to recognize his own name. This step in preparing for school is important to help your child respond to his teachers and fellow classmates. You can also encourage your child in conversation by talking with your child frequently and teaching your child new words.

Help prepare your child for the social environment of school by teaching them how to talk to their fellow classmates. If you as a parent or caretaker can help your child have the tools to make friends, he may be less nervous about making new friends!

Preparing for school socially can be as simple as having extended family visit frequently. Visits from other adults and children will help socialize your child, so there will be less anxiety involving the new social situation of school.

Preparing for School Emotionally

The day has arrived! Your child is school-age and is about to attend his first day of school. Let this be an exciting day for everyone! Ask him how he is feeling about his first day of school, and remember that he will take his cues off of you.

If you cry dropping him off to school, he will be confused because of any earlier encouragement. It can be a scary day for parents and kids, but with all of the preparing for school you have done, you and your child are ready!

Preparing for School at Noah’s Ark Child Center

preparing for school

Preparing for school can include a preschool program in Reno with Noah’s Ark Child Center!

Noah’s Ark Child Center’s Preschool Program in Reno offers a safe, healthy, and loving environment to socialize and educate your child before starting school. Our curriculum shapes and helps children grow with creativity, self confidence and responsibility.

Noah’s Ark is a non-profit out-reach mission of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Our childcare program has been in operation since 1972. Noah’s Ark began in a small space with only 15 children and over the years has grown to encompass 115 children and an expanded faculty.

In 1987 the “educational wing” of the church was built by St. Paul’s with the Ark, to accommodate youth programs of the church and the growing child care population. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, hand in hand with Noah’s Ark Child Center, reaffirms daily their commitment to the needs of the community, childcare and childcare excellence. We welcome you to our Noah’s Ark family.