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Summer Fun at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Fun Summer Events It’s summer and at Noah’s Ark we want the children to know it is summer and the word for each day is FUN! Everyday we have a different theme that our kids take part in. We have fancy hair day, sidewalk chalk day, LEGO day, pirate day,  dinosaur day, treasure hunt day and […]

School Age Program Activities for Kids

School Age Program Activities for Kids The time has come for your child to go to school! You have been preparing for this day, and there may be a question lingering as a parent or caretaker: “what next?” There are many school age programs and activities that can supplement your child’s education in the classroom. […]

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Picnic Day! It’s “Teddy Bear Picnic Day” for our children ages three to six years of age.  It’s hard to decide which is the favorite furry friend who gets to come to Noah’s Ark and spend the day.  What color is your bear, what is your bears name and where did you get your bear […]