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Summer Fun at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Fun Summer Events

It’s summer and at Noah’s Ark we want the children to know it is summer and the word for each day is FUN! Everyday we have a different theme that our kids take part in. We have fancy hair day, sidewalk chalk day, LEGO day, pirate day,  dinosaur day, treasure hunt day and more but the children’s all time favorite is WATER day.

IMG_5002Some days it is sprinkler fun and other days it is pool splashing or even mud pie madness.We like to put a water hose at the top of the slide that sends them sliding into the arms of a teacher, safe and sound and ready to get back in line for round two.  Then we lay on our towels on the grassy hill for a little sunshine and warmth before we go again. We love summer and the fun that each day brings.

When it’s not Water Day the kids are enjoying another one of our many themes or learning. Before the kids go home everyday we make sure they learn something new and have fun while doing so! We believe at Noah’s Ark that having fun is a great way to learn!