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School Age Program Activities for Kids

School Age Program Activities for Kids

The time has come for your child to go to school! You have been preparing for this day, and there may be a question lingering as a parent or caretaker: “what next?” There are many school age programs and activities that can supplement your child’s education in the classroom.

At Noah’s Ark Child Center in Reno, we have come up with a few school age program activities for kids to continue learning and having fun at the same time!

Indoor Activities

Arts and crafts are a great way to improve a child’s fine motor skills and self-expression. Strengthening these skills in a school age child will help him learn and grow in the classroom. One fun and creative arts and crafts activity for school age children is to make a rain stick. By filling a tube with rice and seeds, your child can replicate the sound of rain — how cool!

Outdoor Activities

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School age programs are a chance for kids to explore!

Activate the kids’ brains and hearts with an interactive scavenger hunt! Create clues that are based on what the children have been learning in school to reinforce their education. With proper supervision, you can get the little ones running around for aerobic exercise and practicing logic or other educational skills!

Summer Activities

At Noah’s Ark Child Center, our summer school age program activities include field trips  centered around a weekly theme. Assigning a theme to each week gives the children a focus to help children learn and grow.

During our programs we take children on enriching field trips throughout the community. We visit Museums, the University of Nevada-Reno, and other places where kids can learn about the community. We also have field trips to Wild Island Family Adventure Park, Reno Aces Ballpark, and a fun bowling alley! No matter where we go, we make sure your kids are having fun!

Fall Activities

Do you have a lot of spare containers lying around your Reno home or daycare center? Repurpose them by using the old milk cartons and cans to help kids build their very own robot. This is a fun arts and crafts activity that can also involve some math by having children measure. Be sure there are no sharp objects included in the recycled products, since tiny fingers on something sharp is not a fun ending to a day building a robot!

School Age Programs at Noah’s Ark Child Center

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Noah’s Ark Child Center offers school age programs!

At Noah’s Ark Child Center in Reno, we offer school age programs during the summer and for before and after school! The Noah’s Ark Child Center Summer School Age Program is open for children who have completed the first grade through children who are thirteen years old. School Age Programs during the summer help children keep their minds sharp between school years.

The Before and After School Programs for school age children are also helpful to expand a child’s education beyond time in the classroom. The School Age Program at Noah’s Ark Child Center is under the guidance of a School Age Supervisor and experienced staff.

Activities are planned for the morning and afternoon sessions, which allow the children free time to play and interact with their friends. Crafts, computers, games, stories, science, cooking, visitors and outdoor activities are included in the children’s time.
Visit us today to enter your child into a School Age Program in Reno at Noah’s Ark Child Center!