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Fostering a Child’s Creativity

Fostering a Child’s Creativity

When we talk about children and creativity, some minds go straight to artistic creativity and the age-old finger painting fun. Creativity has a larger impact on a child’s development than finger painting alone. Creativity also refers to imagination and original ideas, which are the tenets of innovation and problem solving.

Why Creativity is Important

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At its basic root, the term creativity describes the human ability for one to express herself or think about things in a different way. A good sense of self-expression in a child can lead to a more communicative adult who has a stronger sense of self.

Creative thinking leads to better problem solvers. Your child’s creativity can lead her to being the doctor who finds a cure for cancer or fighting hunger. As parents and caretakers, we can equip our children with the tools to handle any problems they may face in the future by developing their creativity.

Creativity Time During Free Play

A child’s creativity muscle gets a lot of exercise during unstructured free play time. Since there is no requirement for exactly what a child should be doing, she can let her mind explore the limitless possibilities! If you are looking to help your child build her creativity, carve out some time for supervised free play time.

Creativity During Art Time

Art projects can be a perfect opportunity for children to develop creativity and self-expression. One of the roadblocks in developing a child’s creativity is placing an expectation on the end product. A child could be disheartened when she realizes her masterpiece looks nothing like what it is “supposed” to look like. Taking out the “supposed to” aspect of art projects makes a significant impact on fostering a child’s creativity.

Instead of making sure all of the children have instruction to attempt to repeat an image they see, focus on the process instead of the product. As long as the children are utilizing the different tools and materials in a safe manner, let their brains run wild to build their creativity without fear of judgment.

Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity

Many parents have experienced that awkward moment when a child brings home an art project that looks unrecognizable. Take those opportunities to learn about your child’s inventions free of judgment! Discussing a child’s art work with them is an excellent way to begin discussion of the day’s activities.

We suggest that a parent not ask, “What’s that?” because to a child very often they were not drawing a particular thing. Instead, perhaps ask your child to tell you about the picture she brought home, which will often encourage them to talk about their creation.

Creativity at Noah’s Ark Child Center

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At Noah’s Ark Child Center in Reno, creativity is an integral part of our curriculum. We foster your child’s creativity through activities like dance, music, block building, dramatic play, mud play to challenge your child’s imagination and ability.

Our childcare professionals at Noah’s Ark Child Center strive to create a safe environment that supports creativity and self-expression of all the children.

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