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Preschool Programs in Reno: Find the Perfect Fit

Preschool Programs in Reno: How to Find the Perfect Fit

There are many options for your child’s early education, and it can be frustrating to try and sort through all of the different child care providers for preschool programs in Reno. Here are some questions parents can ask themselves to find the right preschool program in Reno for them.

What is the Education & Experience of the Staff?

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Choosing a great preschool program in Reno means choosing qualified teachers!

In an article by American Institutes for Research, Susan Muenchow explains that teachers need special skills in order to care for young children ages 3-6. What training does the staff have at the child care center offering the preschool program in Reno?

The Noah’s Ark Child Center Staff has been trained with 24 in-service training classes per year, in accordance with the Washoe County Social Service licensing. The staff also takes part in annual training on the property to keep teachers current on licensing requirements and any changes and developments in teachings and research.

What is the Discipline Philosophy of Preschool Programs in Reno?

When placing your young child in the hands of child care professionals at a preschool program in Reno, you want to see if their discipline philosophy is in alignment with your beliefs as a parent. Anne Zachry at writes, “Ideally, positive redirection will be the first course of action, with strategies such as a cool-down time to follow when redirection isn’t successful.”

It takes time for children to learn appropriate behavior. At Noah’s Ark Child Center’s Preschool Program in Reno, we reinforce positive behavior whenever possible.

What do Experts Say?

You can look at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and their infographic on preschool programs. Other expert voices in the field include the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC).

What’s the Teacher – Student Ratio?

When looking at preschool programs in Reno, parents can also investigate the teacher to student ratio. This number indicates if teachers are spending enough time with your child, ensuring that your child gets the proper attention and care.

Noah’s Ark Child Center’s Preschool Program in Reno has a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 10 because your child’s growth is important to us.

Does the Preschool Allow Tours?

Parents can take a look and schedule a tour in order to see what the child care center is like and what they can expect from the preschool program in Reno. Kali Sakai of ParentMap encourages parents to schedule tours of the facilities to get a sense of the look and feel of the child care center.

Noah’s Ark Reno Preschool Program

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Noah’s Ark Child Center has a Reno preschool program you’ll love!

Noah’s Ark Child Center’s Preschool Program in Reno offers a safe, healthy, and loving environment to socialize and educate your child before starting school. Our curriculum shapes and helps children grow with creativity, self confidence and responsibility.

Choosing a Preschool Program in Reno for your child does not have to cause you worry. Noah’s Ark Child Center has what your child needs for a fun and loving experience.

About Noah’s Ark Child Center

Noah’s Ark is a non-profit out-reach mission of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Our childcare program has been in operation since 1972. Noah’s Ark began in a small space with only 15 children and over the years has grown to encompass 115 children and an expanded faculty.

In 1987 the “educational wing” of the church was built by St. Paul’s with the Ark, to accommodate youth programs of the church and the growing child care population. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, hand in hand with Noah’s Ark Child Center, reaffirms daily their commitment to the needs of the community, childcare and childcare excellence. We welcome you to our Noah’s Ark family.