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5 Common Day Care Activities

5 Common Day Care Activities

Are you interested in enrolling your child in day care? If so, it will help you to find out some of the most common activities kids do during their stay in the facility. Here are five of the most common day care activities:

1. Sensory Table

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Day Care Activities are about learning and fun!!

The goal of this activity is to let children explore their sense of touch and smell. They are blindfolded all throughout the activity. The kids sit in chairs around a table. The teacher places a bowl or basin on the table and fills it with objects that have various textures, shapes, and sizes. The challenge is to have them guess what object they’re holding or touching. It can be a lot of fun, especially when they sift through slimy and squishy objects (peeled grapes, for example)!

2. Kid Disco

One of the toughest challenges that are faced when taking care of toddlers and preschoolers is that they have a seemingly unlimited source of energy. This activity helps “channel” this energy into a more productive — and less destructive — avenue. The lights are dimmed, curtains are closed, and classic dance tunes are played. The teacher dances along with the children while they each have flashlights in their hands (creating their own disco ball effect). This is great exercise for everyone, plus it’s just really fun.

3. Pirate Role Play

Most kids are pirate fans, whether they’ve seen they famous Disney movie franchise or not. For some reason, anything pirate-like gives them loads of fun and allows them to play with their imagination. This activity taps into this and lets them be creative as they wish. The teacher can wrap plastic or wooden blocks with foil and use them as swords (costumes and other props work, too), draw a treasure map, and hide treasure (toys or snacks in a paper bag) in the classroom, and have them work together to find it.

4. Grandparent Greeting Cardsreno day care activities

This one takes out the crafts table and supplies. The kids run wild with their creativity with crayons, paint, glitter, stickers, and more. They are asked to write messages to their grandparents (or anybody special to them) in improvised cards. This isn’t just fun for them; it also tugs the heartstrings of whoever receives the greetings.

5. Signature Storytelling

This can help introduce kids to old stories. The teacher reads a favorite storybook, and once a critical part of the story comes up, she stops and challenges the child to change the story if he wants. For instance, “What would you do if that happened to you?” or “Do you think the prince did the right thing?” are questions you can ask. This gives way to their imagination; plus, it lets them think on their toes.

Day Care Activities at Noah’s Ark Reno Child Care Center

Day care activities vary in every facility, but the main point of these is to engage kids physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. All in all, the goal is to help them grow in all aspects of development. Come check out Noah’s Ark Child care center in Reno. We provide engaging and educational games and day care activities in Reno.