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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching. Soon, your child or children will be out of school and amped up to enjoy the warm summer weather and all the fun activities it can bring. However, from experience you may know that after a few weeks of summer fun the “I am bored” declarations start. On top of the boredom that can accompany the long, sweltering days, is your need of good childcare for your little ones while you are at work. Child care summer school programs can solve both of these problems. Summer school offers you a break from 24 hour care and gives your child fun and exciting things to do child in a social environment. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of summer camp!

Boredom Be Gone with Summer School

summer camp

Prepare for adventure in summer camp!

As the novelty of the summer weather wears off and kids get bored, they can often become affixed to their computer and video games and end up spending most of their summer indoors. For those of us who spent most of our summers outdoors exploring, playing and having fun, seeing children glued to the screen for hours on end makes us worry that they are missing out on all the adventure! Summer camp and other summer programs offer your children fun and engaging activities that will get their body moving, mind thinking and curiosity piqued.

Hands on Learning in Nature with Summer Camp

Summer camp and summer programs are a great time to teach children that not all learning occurs in the classroom. At summer camp kids will soon find out that learning can mean dirty hands and exploring nature. Summer camp will teach your kids outdoor skills and allows them to experience mother natures classroom.

Unstructured Playtime

Along with structured activities designed to get your child’s mind thinking and curious, is time for free unstructured play and exploration. Summer camp allows kids to relax away from the classroom and explore their interests. Summer camp will give your child the ability to explore their inventiveness in play, problem solving and learning.

Social Skills

Summer school not only brings kids to nature and great activities. It also brings kids to each other. Summer camp activities are designed around group learning and problem solving. They learn to cooperate with other children, share resources and participate in group learning that prepares them for both the classroom and the real world.


Summer camp gives kids the opportunity to make choices and decisions as individuals away from their parents. Whether it is a day camp or overnight camp, the time at summer camp is spent learning to be themselves.

Summer School at Noah’s Ark Reno

Summer camp at Noah’s Ark Reno is a great way to keep your child busy this summer. Our summer school age program is built around a monthly activity calendar and many outings and field trips. There is a theme for each week of the summer program and daily activities and field trips are planned around this theme. Come check out all our programs and contact us today!