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Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

There are a lot of conflicting opinions among parents. From what the best diapers are to whether or not you should get your kids into school early on, the views and arguments are nearly endless. It helps to have fellow moms and dads share their views with you, but you should also do your own research. If you’re considering getting into early childhood education, pre-kindergarten might appeal to you. Find out what benefits the program can have for your child.

What is Pre-Kindergarten?

Pre-kindergarten programs

The first day of preschool is fun!

Pre-kindergarten, or simply pre-K, is a program offered by different learning and childcare centers around the country. The goal is to help kids be ready for entry into the conventional elementary school program. Pre-K helps create a more comfortable transition from being at home with one’s parents all the time to going out into the bigger world, with other people like classmates and teachers.

Pre-K programs have been around in various forms over the past century. It has changed a lot since then, and research has helped in improving its curriculum for the benefit of children.

Holistic Development

Pre-K focuses on a child’s different developmental aspects. These often include academic, social, physical, and emotional. These will hand-in-hand help get your child be prepared for real school.

A primary aspect of pre-K programs is socialization. This guides toddlers in getting used to being around other kids, as well as authority figures (aside from their mom and dad).

Preparing Children for School

The programs work as the child’s introduction to the structured world of the classroom — over the next decade, he will have to spend a lot of time in there, so preparation can be beneficial. As soon as a child becomes accustomed to and comfortable in the classroom environment, the better his chances at succeeding academically are.

Childcare personnel and teachers running pre-K programs are trained to assist children in embracing various learning methods, often through activities and games. Using this approach helps instill in the children the idea of having fun while learning, as opposed to dreading it. This can produce long-term effects as they grow in school.

Academic Benefits

Getting a child educated early on can make a big impact in his life. Studies suggest that those who attend pre-K programs have a lower chance of being held back a grade later. Those enrolled in pre-K have almost 40% more likelihood to have an IQ level of 90 before reaching 5 years old, and 20% of them have a better likelihood of graduating high school, according to researchers from the Center for Public Education.

Prekindergarten at Noah’s Ark Reno Child Care

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