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Tips for Choosing the Best Preschool

Tips for Choosing the Best Preschool

Can’t decide which preschool to go with? Here are some parent-friendly tips to help you land the best preschool for your child:

  • It should offer basic learning skills. Think about ABCs and 123s when you visit
    best preschool in reno with children playing

    Make sure that the preschool includes imaginative and structured play!

    prospective schools. These basic lessons must be a key part of their learning objectives. Being able to have an edge and getting ahead can be beneficial for your child. It is important that the preschool you pick focuses on these cognitive areas. For instance, the level at which a child reads after first grade can predict how well he reads in the succeeding grades. It can even go as far as predicting how well he does in high school, college, and in work and real life. The best preschool will help your kids advance beyond the usual standards. At the same time, it will help those who are behind to catch up during these early years.

  • The preschool should include both physical and imaginative play. Earlier, the importance of ABCs and 123s was mentioned, but having little to no room for play can limit the potential of your child. Good preschools are able to give both advantages. For example, children can explore math and letters through playing with building blocks.

Imaginative play is just as important. This includes pretend play and role-playing, which can further your child’s behavioral and emotional maturity. To see if a preschool is capable of offering this, be sure to look around — if there are costume corners, wall art, creativity tables, and pretend kitchen sets, then you’re at the right place.

  • It should give children the chance to choose some of their activities. Research shows that when kids get to pick their preschool activities, they get better outcomes later in life. By being allowed to choose at age three to four (instead of being dictated or ordered by someone else), they develop better socialization skills, which are very essential later in life.
  • It should incorporate positive home values. When a preschool is able to handle both emotional and social issues in a similar approach as you would at home, your child benefits from this consistency. This is good for your child’s development and it makes them feel safe. It also fosters the importance of trust and respect.


best preschool in reno These are just some things to look out for when doing visits to find the best preschool for your child. Also, try to get a feel of the teachers — do they smile often? Do they encourage the kids? Do they interact with the children in a fair manner? Is there a good connection between them and their students?

As always, you should trust your gut. You can ask other parents about their experience in a particular school, but your own instincts can give you the best advice you can ever use.

Choosing the best preschool in Reno for your child with Noah’s Ark

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