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How to Keep Your Children Entertained After School

Fun Activities For After School Programs

School may be out, but the day is still long for your kids. While it may be okay for your kids to spend the day relaxing in front of the TV, it’s far from being a good use of their time. The TV does nothing to develop them mentally, emotionally or physically. There are many fun activities for after school programs that can keep them busy while helping them grow.

The key to getting kids involved with in something after school is to give them choices. It’s an uphill battle if you try to force them to spend their time doing something they don’t like. Come up with activities that you think they’ll enjoy. Despite what you may think, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it may be as simple as giving them educational electronic games to play. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Get them involved in sports

Enrolling your kids in recreational centers or sports leagues are great choices. Sports are great for kids. Helping them stay active, teach them important values like teamwork and allows interaction with other kids. If the pressure of competition is something that worries you, try to seek leagues that put the focus on having fun and being organized.

2. Have them create art

fun after school activities Noah's Ark RenoIf you’re looking for fun ideas for after school projects, you can’t go wrong with art. Lego, play-dough, painting and small arts and crafts projects can keep them busy for many hours. Don’t think that you have to enroll your kids into an expensive after school art class. Kids are naturally creative and will express their creativity as long as you give them the supplies and environment to do so.

3. Get them involved in educational games

Parents are often worried about kids playing video games. They can be an unproductive use of time and also because they often can’t control what the kids are exposed to. Fortunately, you can introduce you kids to educational games (math games, programming games, etc.). There is evidence supporting the use of educational games to help kids get smarter. The great thing about games is that you can use anything from pre-made toys, downloadable apps and websites to get your kids involved.

4. Enroll them in after school programs

There are a wide variety of after school programs that can help keep your kids entertained. These programs offer everything from sports activities to tutoring and art classes. You may have to search school and community billboards to find the right program for your kids but it will be well worth it if you find the right one. Day care centers are also great if you are working and you absolutely need to make sure your kids are in the right environment after they get out of school.

5. Keep them busy with board games

fun ideas for after school programs Noah's Ark RenoBoard games are one of the simplest and fun after school activities you can get your kids engaged in. Setting up play dates or having siblings play board games can also offer hours of entertainment. Be sure to provide board games that are appropriate to the age of your children. Kids can get confused, discouraged, or annoyed if they don’t understand or don’t have fun playing the game.

6. Get them into fun after school literacy activities

If you’re looking for educational after school programs, public libraries often have programs for kids to develop their reading and writing skills. There are many events from public readings, creative writing classes, to public speaking classes. Literacy is very important to your Children’s education. Programs that develop literacy skills will go a long way in helping kids. Many of these programs don’t necessarily have a strict school structure and give kids more freedom to have fun with what they’re doing.

There are many ways to keep your kids busy after school. If you are in a situation where you can’t watch over them after school, you may want to enroll them in a Reno daycare center. Noah’s Ark Child Center is a licensed daycare facility and can help in the development of your children. Get in touch with us and learn about the programs that we offer.