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Playground Safety

Boo-boos happen. They are a nearly unavoidable part of childhood. And as every parent knows, children are more likely to get hurt at play than at rest. It is just a fact of life. And every teacher knows that the children in their care are more likely to get hurt on the playground than in the classroom. That’s why it is so important for parents, teachers and children to have a good handle on playground safety techniques and practices. Keep reading to get some tips on how you can keep your child safe while they are on the playground.

Tip 1: Adult Supervision

The first and most obvious way to keep children safe on the playground is to make sure that they have adequate parental supervision. The adult should be familiar with the playground equipment and its intended use and what kids should and should not do on it. The adult responsible should keep children from climbing on the equipment in a manner that can cause injury. For the most part, playground equipment is safe as long as it is not abused. An alert, safety conscious adult can go a long way to ensuring playground safety and fun.

Tip 2: Playground Design and Area 

Playground Safety

Good playground design is essential for playground safety.

If a playground were 100 percent safe, it wouldn’t be a playground. There is always a chance that falls, bumps and bruises are going to happen. But there are some things to be on the lookout for when it comes to playground design.

Playground surfaces should be soft and impact absorbent. Concrete and asphalt should be avoided. The best surface materials for playgrounds are rubber fillings or rubber safety mats. The rubber mats allow access to people and children in wheelchairs and is the preferred surface material in modern playground designs. The surface should be clear of rocks, glass, sticks and other debris to avoid falls.

Tip 3: Age Appropriate

Many playgrounds are designed around a specific age group. The spacing and height of the playground is determined by the average size of children in the age group. Make sure that the playground that young children are playing on is properly designed for their age group.

Tip 4. Maintenance and Inspection

Before every play time event, the supervising adult should do a brief inspection of the equipment to make sure that there are no loose or broken parts that can cause an injury. Any play equipment that is found to be broken or defective should not be used, unless the damage does not make the equipment more dangerous.

Tip 5. Teach Children about Safe Play

Make sure that the children are aware that pushing or roughhouse while on a jungle Jim or other elevated equipment. Make sure they understand that they should go feet first on all slides and to hold the handrails on all climbers.

Playground Safety at Noah’s Ark Reno

Playground Safety

Playground Safety is our highest priority at Noah’s Ark Reno.

At Noah’s Ark child care center in Reno, Nevada, playground safety is one of our top priorities. Our professional and caring staff are trained to recognize when a dangerous situation is brewing and stop it. Children are taught the proper way to play on our jungle Jim and avoid falls, bumps and bruises. If you are looking for a fun, engaging and safe child care center for your child, come check out our programs at Noah’s Ark and contact us online or stop by our Reno location.