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Starting Kindergarten Tips

Starting Kindergarten Tips

Starting kindergarten is a big deal! It is the first day of “big kid” school and your child’s first steps into classroom learning. But starting kindergarten may bring with it some nerves. And as a parent you want to be on top of all the things that your child may experience on the first day. Keep reading for some starting kindergarten tips to help both you and your little scholar start off on the right foot.

Visit the Classroom before School Starts

starting kindergarten tips

Get your child ready for kindergarten with these kindergarten readiness tips.

If your little one – or you, for that matter – have some butterflies or nerves about starting the first day of kindergarten, the best way to calm them down is to go and visit the place that is causing them. If it is possible, and very often it is, take your little scholar to meet their new teacher and visit their classroom. Doing this will show them – and you – that there is nothing to be worried about. Meeting the teacher will make the first day less foreign and more familiar.

Talk and share with your child

Let them ask questions and share positive memories that you have about school, the fun you had, the teachers you enjoyed, the friendships you made. Take time to answer your child’s questions, validate their concerns, and remain positive and enthusiastic about their upcoming experiences.

Hit the books.

But not school texts. Go to the library with your child and check out stories about the first day of school. Discuss the feelings outlined in the stories and answer questions your child may have.

Plan for a smooth first-day experience by preparing the night before.

Help your child pick out their “first day of school” outfit, pack their lunch, and set out their backpack.

The first day is just the first day

Don’t stop checking in with how your child feels about transitioning to kindergarten after Day 1. It is important to check in with your child and communicate about their experiences throughout the year.

Kindergarten Readiness Programs

It is important to start your child down the path of transitioning into kindergarten early. The best way to assure that your child is prepared for kindergarten is to enroll them in a preschool or other type of kindergarten readiness program. Preschool offers a transitional bridge between home life and formal classroom learning; you know, big kid school.

Starting Kindergarten at Noah’s Ark

At Noah’s Ark Reno, your child will get the robust and professional kindergarten readiness programs they deserve. Kindergarten readiness at Noah’s Ark provides your child with the knowledge and social skills necessary to make a smooth transition to kindergarten and beyond! Our caring and professional staff are dedicated to ensuring that your child is safe and secure while learning and growing. Come check out our programs and contact us today!