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Playing Games with Kids

Playing Games with Kids On a hot summer day or when it is pouring cats and dogs outside, children can end up stuck inside with no structured activities planned. Few things can ruin a day faster than a bored child. Combat boredom with fun games for the kids and creating free play time! Games Help […]

Child Care Safety

Child Care Safety When taking care of children, we can recognize that boo-boos happen. While injuries and accidents are a part of growing up when you’re a kid, ideally we minimize the severity and frequency of accidents in order to keep the children happy and healthy. Our job is to prevent injuries and promote child […]

Outdoor Play at Noah’s Ark

Having Fun With Outdoor Play Sunshine, green grass and fresh air is an important part in the day of a child at Noah’s Ark Child Center. The children love their outdoor play time. Little bikers follow the figure 8 track as they master coordination and pedaling.  Climbers tackle the rock wall and the challenge of the “zipper” on the […]

Summer Fun at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Fun Summer Events It’s summer and at Noah’s Ark we want the children to know it is summer and the word for each day is FUN! Everyday we have a different theme that our kids take part in. We have fancy hair day, sidewalk chalk day, LEGO day, pirate day,  dinosaur day, treasure hunt day and […]

Field Trips

Field Trips Children love to go on new and exciting adventures. Provide them a safe way to do that by taking supervised field trips! As a caregiver, parent, or teacher, here are some things for you to think about when planning that adventurous field trip for the kids! Benefits of Field Trips Field trips are […]

Summer Movies

Fun with Summer Movies! Summer is full of fun activities for our children on all levels. Keeping the children involved and having fun on a daily basis is a priority.  We want to make sure the children look forward to their time at Noah’s Ark while their parents are busy at work.  Our school-age children, known as our […]

School Age Program Activities for Kids

School Age Program Activities for Kids The time has come for your child to go to school! You have been preparing for this day, and there may be a question lingering as a parent or caretaker: “what next?” There are many school age programs and activities that can supplement your child’s education in the classroom. […]

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Picnic Day! It’s “Teddy Bear Picnic Day” for our children ages three to six years of age.  It’s hard to decide which is the favorite furry friend who gets to come to Noah’s Ark and spend the day.  What color is your bear, what is your bears name and where did you get your bear […]

Preparing for School

Preparing for School Tips Your child is reaching school age, and it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your child to start school. At Noah’s Ark Child Center, we have some tips and tricks for preparing your child for school. Preparing for School Essentials Teach your child to wash his hands frequently, most […]

Preschool Programs in Reno: Find the Perfect Fit

Preschool Programs in Reno: How to Find the Perfect Fit There are many options for your child’s early education, and it can be frustrating to try and sort through all of the different child care providers for preschool programs in Reno. Here are some questions parents can ask themselves to find the right preschool program […]